Awards and Fee Concession


  • Best Out Going Student Award
  • Academic Award for the State Rank
    1. A special cash award is given by the Management to the students securing the following state ranks:
    • I   Rank  -  Rs.10,000/-
    • II  Rank  -  Rs.8,000/-
    • III Rank  -  Rs.6,000/-
    • IV  Rank -   Rs.5,000/-
  • Academic Award for the Highest Aggregate(total of III,IV and V Semesters)
  • Medals and Shields(Sports and Games)
  • Prizes for extra-curricular activities

Based on First Year Performance:

  • Jobin Jose Memorial Prize(Mathematics)
  • Vincent Joseph Memorial Prize (English)


  • Incentives are offered for Top scorers in the  Board Examinations.
  • For concessions in the III,IV,V,VI semester fees, Board theory examinations of the previous semester is considered.
  • 91% and above:Rs.2000/-
  • 95% and above:Rs.11,200/-
  • 99% and above: No College Fees
  • Fee Concessions for SC/ST students
  • Sports based Scholarships
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