Message from the Chairman

                         THE MOST REV. DR. L. THOMAS AQUINAS, M.A., D.D
                         The R.C. Bishop of Coimbatore, Coimbatore Diocese.

                               Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, The modern world is called ‘Computer World’ where the end of the earth is clearly seen from the place where you sit and see. The whole world has become a small village because of the arrival of the computer and the invention of the Internet.

      The Diocese of Coimbatore has some notable Institutions known for growth and spread of education and one among them is “Christ the King Polytechnic College” an Institution known for Technical Training. We take pride in introducing our Polytechnic Institution to you all, through this web page.

      It was a small seed when it was planted decades back and it has become a mighty tree and now it is known at the National level and it is well appreciated at the State level and it is one of the pride of the city of Coimbatore in the field of Technical Education. There are many students who gain their knowledge and one of the salient features of the Institution is the high rate of placement of the students immediately after their completion of the course. There is no gainsaying that Christ the King Polytechnic College is the “Jewel of Coimbatore" in the field of technical training.

      Amidst the technological and industrial growth, the Institution which has served the cause of Technical Education for 31 years caters to the needs of the qualified persons in various fields in different places. The fusion of education and morality remains the secret of the Institution’s success. Though the Institution had a humble beginning, within a period of 31 years, it had grown in all spheres of technical education. I gladly invite all of you, dear guest viewers, to our website to learn more about the Institution and together with you, we would like to thank the Almighty, the giver of all gifts, for all He had done to the Institution to excel in the field of technical education. We appreciate your interest in knowing about the Institution.

      May God bless you, your family, friends, relatives and all your endeavors.

    I also take this chance to invoke God’s abundant blessings on the Correspondent, the Principal, members of the teaching and non teaching staff and all the students of the Institution. Wishing Christ the King Polytechnic College all the best, prosperous growth and success to take the Technical Education to the frontiers of the world in the years that lie ahead.

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